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Debate Continues Over Food Truck Locations

As the debate continues over Food Truck regulations, residents in Dupont Circle and other areas are concerned with the possibility of mobile restaurants in front of their homes.

The Georgetown advisory neighborhood commission unanimously passed a resolution on Jan. 30 calling for trucks to be banned on streets with Residential Permit Parking restrictions.

Dupont Circle commissioner Bob Meehan voiced his concerns at the Dupont Circle Advisory Neighborhood Commission, “I cannot support food trucks being able to say, ‘Oh, I can’t get on the main street, I’ll go in front of the houses right around the corner’,” Meehan said, “That’s not acceptable to me.”

Proposed restrictions would also give the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs the right to designate additional food truck zones with more rigorous restrictions. The Dupont Circle commission unanimously requested that the neighborhood commissions be allowed to weigh in on those established zones.

The regulatory agency plans to take two months to speak to the food truck and restaurant industries to discuss any changes to the proposed regulations. The Agency extended the comment period on the proposed Food Truck regulations to March 1.

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